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Our inspiration was our awareness on water and electricity deficiency in many remote and rural areas around the world.

International organizations statistics shows that the expectations to fulfill the potable water and electricity supply needs in the remote and rural areas around the world have not achieved yet.

The United Nations reports that around 783 million people do not have access to clean water and over 1.7 billion people are currently living in river basins where water use exceeds recharge .

Water scarcity affects more than 40% of the global population and is projected to rise.

The World Bank reports that more than 1.6 billion people do not have access to electricity, while another 1 billion do not have access to a reliable grid .

The International Energy Agency reports that in 2030, even if 2 billion people will gain access, due to the population increase there will still be 1.4 billion people without access to electricity .

The facts that

A vital number of population in rural areas depend for lighting on expensive fossil fuels, an energy inefficient and polluting source

There are unsurpassed technical and financial difficulties of providing water and electricity networks to the disperse population of rural areas

Numerous islands around the world do not have access to drinkable water and, in specific cases, to reliable electricity and telecommunication services

Lead us to decide that

The provision of small hybrid distributed systems is the only solution

Green power solutions, such as Hybrid Systems, should be used in rural and remote locations

Not-withstanding the specific objective, whether it is the economic growth of a small Greek island or the relief of people in Nepal or Africa, we created WETPaC

WETPaC is capable to offer the same services, Water, Electricity and Telecommunication to all and everywhere by a sustainable and economically affordable way