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WETPaC was the challenge to design and create a small modular, intelligent and fully automated system which will have the advantages and interfaces of a large water and electricity supply system by a cost effective way.

WETPaC is a unified energy and water supplying system capable to:

Provide on the average 120 kWh/day of electricity and can be expanded to provide an additional 150 kWh/day of electricity at low cost

Desalinate raw, brackish and seawater to produce potable or fresh water at water capacities from 10 to 100 m3/day

Provide 24/7 electricity for telecommunications and air conditioned space for the installation of telecom equipment

Adapted regarding the available water source and the local requirements

Include the most advanced energy storage and energy efficient equipment

Involve a unique for small scale systems automated platform, offering reliability, technical and economical sustainability

Containerized in ventilated and insulated shelters making its transportation and installation an easy matter

WETPaC integrates an:

Intelligent Remote Monitoring and Control System (RMCS)

Innovative Preventive Maintenance System (PMS)

Smart Payment System (SPS)

WETPaC integrated subsystems, RMCS, RMCS, SPS is the solution for the maintenance problems of equipment in remote areas, and the secure operation and payment for the services provided.


WETPaC is the first small intelligent and fully integrated system that provides 3 services in 1 package

WETPaC has been designed to offer drinkable water and electricity with the most advanced and low carbon footprint technologies

WETPaC’s automation platform improves system’s sustainability, enhances operational security and mitigates technical and financial risks

WETPaC is modular and can be easily adapted to our customers’ needs

WETPaC fulfils our challenge to offer an interoperable system suitable for off-grid operation or in connection to “bad intermittent grids” in the rural areas of the world.